Greg Berlanti Says Supergirl Vancouver Production Facility Still Feels Like National City


Though Supergirl has moved production from Los Angeles to Vancouver, executive producer Greg Berlanti told Indiewire that "it feels like National City still."

The city skylines will probably stay the same, but there will some changes to the look of the show, including the sets. "There are some new enhancements to the set that we were going to do anyway," Berlanti explained. "Obviously some new characters are coming to the show that we would have brought in anyway to the second season." Those new characters include Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, Chris Wood as Mon-El and Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer, among others.

But the move also meant the loss of Calista Flockhart as a series regular. Berlanti said he hopes to still feature her in at least six episodes sprinkled through the year; she will also appear in the first two episodes of the season.

"It's been challenging to figure out all the moving parts, moving the show across cities and across networks," he said. "But the reality is, I think the show is as strong as ever and it feels really seamless."

Supergirl returns October 10th on The CW.