Halo 5's 'Hunt The Truth' Is A Fictional Podcast About Master Chief


The other day, I talked about 343 tweeting out a countdown for something Halo 5 related. I speculated at the time that this could be a story trailer or a release date for the game.

Turns out it is neither of those, but something I think is way more interesting.

The hashtag #huntthetruth is linked to a weekly fictional podcast about war journalist Benjamin Giraud chronicling  the life of Master Chief. However, instead of the heroic story he expected to write, instead he has found a narrative of deception and cover ups. He goes even as far to suggest that Master Chief might be a traitor.

Give it a listen here:

I used to do these kinds of faux-audio documentaries in university and I love the format. This is an intriguing hook too. I'd really fall in love if they went really deep making each episode 30 minutes long or so. There could be a lot to mine here in terms of story. I'll be tuning in each week.