Hammer Launch YouTube Channel With Free Films, Give Us Early Look At The Quiet Ones

Branding is very important to Hammer,* and they've just made a very shrewd move in advancing that online with their newly plumped-up YouTube channel.

Perhaps the biggest draw will be some full-length films from their back catalogue, now available to stream in full and for free. So far you can chose from The Quatermass Xperiment, The Last Page (aka Man Bait), Captain Kronos, Dick Barton Special Agent and The Man In Black – which has nothing to do with recent Hammer hit The Woman In Black beyond the labels.

But there are also some video introductions to these films, trailers, a promo for Hammer DVDs and Blu-rays with Mark Gatiss and a clip montage that takes us through the history of the brand in 90 seconds.

Then there's this 'first look' video taking us onto the set of The Quiet Ones, the next Hammer film.

I actually went down to see some of the filming and speak to the cast and crew in person, and while I'm sworn to secrecy on that front for now, nobody is going to stop me sharing this.

*Essentially, it's what they are: a label.