What Happens Next Now That Jinder Mahal Has Stolen The WWE Championship From Randy Orton?


According to the official WWE rules, titles are only supposed to change hands in the event of a pinfall or submission victory. Rising WWE star Jinder Mahal, however, has broken with tradition and taken the WWE Championship from official title holder Randy Orton after a beatdown that didn't even occur during a match. Fans watching WWE Smackdown Live last night witnessed Mahal and his new accomplices, The Bollywood Boys, walk off with the title after leaving Orton lying in the ring.

Wrestler walking up the ramp with their opponents title is actually a frequent occurrence in WWE, but it's rare that the wrestler will actually hold onto the title into the following week's show, even though doing so has made for great storylines in the past, such as the time that Stone Cold Steve Austin stole The Rock's Intercontinental Title Championship and then threw it off a bridge. A few years later, The Rock stole Austin's Smoking Skull Championship Belt and attempted to throw it off a bridge in retaliation, only for Austin to show up to stop him. In the ensuing battle, The Rock ended up throwing both Austin and the belt off the bridge and into a river.


Literally nothing as awesome as that ever happened in the modern era of WWE with the possible exception of Braun Strowman brutally attacking the hated Roman Reigns and flipping over his ambulance, so it's surprising that wrestlers don't steal title belts more often. On Smackdown last night, however, Jinder Mahal seemed committed to the thievery, being shown leaving the arena in an unnecessarily large limousine with the belt.

On Sunday at WWE Payback, Randy Orton will have other things to worry about than his title belt, as he faces the Eater of Pins Bray Wyatt in a House of Horrors match, which has been made a non-title match so that Wyatt can win without taking Smackdown's title to RAW, but which Wyatt will almost certainly lose anyway because he's Bray Wyatt. After defeating Wyatt, Orton will need to try to get his belt back from Jinder Mahal. Will the two meet on a bridge on next week's episode of Smackdown Live?

We can only hope so.

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