Harry Potter's Parseltongue Translator

Harry Potter's Parseltongue Translator

This is a touch more creepy than those university courses for people wanting to learn Klingon – and let's face facts, they were pretty darn creepy to begin with.

By using the "Parseltongue Translator" on the Harry Potter movie website, you can find out how the evil serpents and Parselmouths of Potterworld would say "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off", "I love my dead gay son" or "Nobody fucks with the Jesus."

Or, indeed, pretty much anything else.*

I don't think it's a total con and I think there's actually some form of translation going on, but it might be pretty simple stuff. And code or language experts out there who can crack the system?

*I haven't tested any of those, but it can say "Tennis racket". I'll vouch for that personally.