Has Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli Just Outed Catfish As A Fake?

The film Catfish purports to be a real documentary, recounting a strange and twisted story about a young man starting a relationship with a young woman on the internet, then setting off to meet her, face to face. A great many people don't believe, however, that the film is in fact a documentary, but instead a fake.

Most of them agree it would be at least a clever fake.

I can tell you that I was always suspicious, though never could make up my mind conclusively – could they really be so bold? Perhaps I'm too trusting.

When the directors, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, were given the job of directing Paranormal Activity 3, however, my doubts only grew darker and deeper.

And now Oren Peli, the director of the first Paranormal Activity and the producer of its sequels, has pretty much sealed the deal for me. I'm now happy to think that Catfish is an act of pastiche and not a real documentary at all.

Here's Peli, speaking to Dread Central:

We loved Catfish as it was done in a very authentic way. The movie felt incredibly real, and even though it wasn't a horror movie, they did a great job of building the tension. They brought the exact kind of moviemaking sensibilities that we were looking for with our third film.

Translation: We loved it because it was a real-looking fake, it felt real but was a fake, they brought the skills of fakery that we were looking for.

There. He's convinced me. Catfish is a fake.