Hatchet 3 Is Coming, But Adam Green Won't Be Directing

If you're not a splatter fan, you might best remember Hatchet 2 for the way it was treated by AMC cinemas last year. In a historic deal they agreed to screen the film unrated , but then after just a couple of days of release – not even a full week! – they dumped it.


It does seem, however, that the creators of manic axeman Victor Crowley have scored the last laugh. Variety are reporting that a third installment has been given the green light off the back of part 2's DVD and Blu-ray sales.

This time though, there's going to be a new director. Adam Green, the series' creator is stepping down, most likely to move on to more challenging ventures. He's done two Hatchets, so I can understand why he'd feel the time is right to slide away a little. Particularly after his work on Frozen – that film showed him tapping into his own untold potential, and stoked up some serious promise for his future work.

Who will be directing the third Hatchet film is still unknown, though we know they'll be inheriting an idea that Green cooked up before Hatchet 2 was even in production. Hopefully this will lead to fun interplay between the chapters, and some details in Hatchet 2 we'd so far ignored now taking on a touch more significance.