Hayley Atwell Discusses The Agent Carter Show, Promises Eight Episode First Season

We knew that the first year's worth of Agent Carter was going to be short, but previous information suggested that we'd be in for thirteen episodes. According to Hayley Atwell, who should know, there are going to be eight episodes in this run.

Actually, she's talking about the whole thing like it's a single-year project, something self contained, though I'm sure that's going to change if the show is a smash.

Anyway, you can see Atwell discuss the show for yourself in this interview clip from Marvel.


Well, she pretty much had to say all of that stuff but the promise of a good, clear character arc for Peggy is exciting.

Now, let's suppose that the show is a success but not so much that Marvel do everything in their power to book Atwell for another go round and she takes another big-screen gig instead of season two. What else might Marvel usefully make a mini-series of to plug a gap in their Agents of SHIELD?

Here's another Marvel video, featuring Clark Gregg and some chatter about SHIELD.