Heather Graham Returning For Hangover Part 3

The recurring criticism of the second Hangover was that it was a virtual beat-for-beat do-over of the first film. One notable omission, however: Heather Graham, who for Twin Peaks alone gets a thumbs up from me.*

But now she's back so they can really glue themselves to not only the formula, but most of the same details too.

Actually, to be fair, they're promising a break from the old routine this last time around.

Variety remind us that part one's Mike Epps will also be returning so perhaps it's a case of "familiar faces, put through new paces." Or it might just be a matter of "more like the first, less like the worst."

Anybody else got more Hangover-suitable rhymes? Something that rhymes with "tedious misogynist bullshit" maybe?

The production of Hangover 3 gets under way in the coming weeks for a release on May 24th next year. I predict it will be a box office juggernaut.

*I should stress that sentence isn't intended to feature one euphemism, let alone two. What was that I was saying about tedious bullshit?