His Dark Materials To Become A BBC Drama

materialsPhilip Pullman's His Dark Material trilogy will be adapted for BBC One, according to Deadline. The novel series features a society in which science, magic and religion are fused, parallel universes, armored polar bears ready to wage war and other fun fantasy ideas.

The first book in the series was made into the 2007 The Golden Compass by New Line, who will also be involved in the BBC series as producers. The film starred Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman, but failed to find an audience. In the hopes of finding another Lord of the Rings size blockbuster, its lukewarm reception precluded any further feature films.

Centering on young Lyra — and eventually Will — who journeys to find missing friends and ultimately learns of her prophesied destiny, the series has received criticism for its own critique of Christianity. It is unclear how much of this material will survive the translation.

Pullman called the adaptation of his work "a constant source of pleasure" in a statement. He also praised the television format as a platform that can "reach depths of characterization and heights of suspense by taking the time for events to make their proper impact and for consequences to unravel."

It is unclear when or if the series will make its way to the US.