Hong Kong Actor Died 5 Times On 5 Different TV Shows In 24 Hours

Hong Kong actor Law Lok Sam is the new Michelle Rodriguez. Five of his characters got killed off on five different TV shows, and the "death episodes" were all then screened within 24 hours. There were only be four distinct ways in which he died, and only three of the deaths were on screen, but I still smell the makings of a cult hero.

The Global Times have published a complete run down:

The experience with death began on April 6 at 8:30 pm on Relic of an Emissary in which he played the Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, who died after an illness. An hour later, he was beaten to death on Grace Under Fire, and the next morning at 11:45 am, he vomited blood before he expired on Face To Fate.

Of course, there was little chance to mourn his deaths before he died again at 12:45 pm on Police Station No 7 where he died from injury, and finally at 2:50 pm, he died from an illness on Virtues of Harmony.

It's by their count that you have four different ways of dying there. The boundaries between being beaten to death and dying from an injury, for example, are a little fuzzy to me, but I'll take their word for it.

According to TVB, the broadcaster in question, this quick-fire string of deaths was nothing but a coincidence. It's become a pretty successful meme in China, however, so if I were an exec at TVB I'd be looking at how I could cash in on it. Maybe a marathon of shows running over a weekend, with Law Lok Sam given a death scene in every one? Sounds like a pretty successful pizza party to me.