How Justin Bieber Really Got His Movie Deal

Streetdance 3D director John Chu has taken over from Davis Guggenheim on a fast-turnaround Justin Bieber movie. According to current info, the film will combine some biopic material and a lot of live music shot on Justin Bieber's current tour, and should hit cinemas in the spring.

I assumed that had be movie moguls lining up around the block to cash in on Bieber Fever, but maybe that's not how the deal shook out at all. TMZ have gotten their sticky little mitts on a contract between the Bieb and AEG, his live tour promoter, and it looks like it's Lil' Bieber's idea to make a movie in the first place.

Here's what the contract apparently tells is: in return for agreeing the little man will tour for most of next year, munchkin and co. requested that AEG fund production of "a certain screenplay as requested by Justin Bieber". I don't think I can technically call that blackmail. I suppose the word I'm looking for is "leverage".

If you were a sixteen year old kid who could pull a stunt like that and get the bankroll for any film you wish, would you opt for a semi-concert film padded out with a soft account of your  life story? Or something vaguely pornographic with giant robots fighting with laser samurai swords?

It looks to me that hard bargaining follows wherever The Bieb will lead.