How Movie Blogging Works – The Knights Of Badassdom Case Study

Back in the summer of 2011, director Joe Lynch premiered the trailer for Knights of Badassdom during a San Diego Comic-Con panel. It was a rather exciting moment.

He then played a clip, and that was even more exciting. Really, the clip went down very well.

Then the trailer arrived online, later that afternoon.

And then I got busy waiting for the film to come out. I'm still busy with that now, in fact.

It's almost February 2013 and there's no indication of where and when the film might see release. Where's it gone? Well, we'll get to that in due course…

First of all, though, let's look at something that's happened an awful lot in the last week.

People have been blogging about a "new" trailer for Knights of Badassdom. Except there isn't one. At all. They've been sharing the exact same trailer, frame-to-frame identical in video and audio, compression issues aside.

There's no new trailer at all.

On Saturday, Den of Geek US referred to the film's "first official trailer" and posted an embed. Aint It Cool, also on Saturday, called it "newish" and said:

although you've probably seen most of this footage, the offcial trailer means that we'll be seeing this very soon indeed.

io9 today took their word for it and posted this "brand new trailer." Cinema Blend also cite Aint it Cool and say it's "new trailer complete with new footage."

Note: Aint it Cool don't call it brand new or refer to new footage directly, not if you take them precisely at their word.

And I could also point you to Live For Film and Screen Crave. There's bound to have been more cropping up even while I was writing this.

None of these bloggers recognised the trailer. None of them compared it to the "old" one to see that, actually, it was the same thing.

It seems that a YouTube account called MovieClipsTrailers posted the video, somebody then put it on Reddit and then… boom.

On the upside, there's been renewed interest in the film, I just hope it isn't going to be one peak in excitement too many, or too early.

You should stop worrying that the long delay reflects on the quality of the film. That's not what's happening here at all. This isn't one of those limbo situations where everybody looked at what they had in the can, panicked and thought they needed to either fix it, dump it or shelve it. Not at all.

Last October the Financial Industries Regulatory Authority filed a complaint in respect of financing on the film. I don't understand my way around all of the nooks and crannies, but the indication here is that the hold-up is legal, logistical or at least financial.

There's more information out there. It's easy to turn it up, actually. I'm not really qualified to comment on it all, but I'm sure that progress is being made on getting Knights to the screen. It's been slow, but steps are being taken. Red tape is being untangled.

Good, because eighteen months from now I want to be rewatching my supplements-packed, perfectly mastered Blu-ray of the film, not hopping from blog to blog scratching my head at why the same old trailer is getting spread around again.

Now, if you want something to fill the indeterminate amount of time until Knights is set free and you've already watched Lynch's horror-geeky reinvention of the multi-camera sitcom, Holliston, here's the vintage Badassdom Comic Con panel in full.

And I'm sure Lynch will understand if you want the skip the bit they bit where they play the trailer – it's been pretty well repeated lately.