Images From Disney's Frozen Introduce The Multispecies Cast Of Characters – UPDATED

UPDATE: Keep reading to the very bottom for wider versions of the pics that I've been sent, not just the cropped USA Today versions.

Until now, Disney had been keeping Frozen pretty close to their chest but seeing as the first trailer is about to drop, they've started to loosen up a little. Thaw out, if you will.

The story is a retelling of The Snow Queen, at least in part. There have been some changes, as you'll see. Like the living snowman, Olaf. And then there are songs, from The Book of Mormon's Robert Lopez and his wife, Kristen – incidentally, Olaf is voiced by Mormon's Josh Gad.

frozen1 frozen2 frozen3 frozen4 frozen5

So, top to bottom, that's Olaf, Sven the reindeer, Hans and Anna, Kristoff riding Sven, and Anna looking up at her sister, Elsa – the Snow Queen. Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell and Elsa by Idina Menzel.

Thanks to USA Today for the pics.

The first teaser will be with us in the next day or so. I understand it focuses on the snowman, so I hope you were charmed by the image above, and is mainly, if not entirely, original footage not taken from the movie. The first two images above come from that trailer.

Frozen will be released on November 27th in the US and sometime shortly afterwards in the UK.

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