In Time Images – Andrew Niccol Spends A While With Amanda Seyfried And Justin Timberlake

Two official images from In Time, formerly Now, formerly I'm.Mortal, have been released and they each show Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake running.

Each picture features the same "scaredy running face" acting, though Seyfried is louder in one, Timberlake is louder in the other. I guess that makes them a well suited pair, though I wouldn't exactly bank on them having "chemistry."

Roger Deakins is the cinematographer of the film. Sit fast for the trailer – which is expected to debut at Comic-Con this week – for a better look at how he's styled it.

The film was written and directed by Andrew Niccol, the man who scripted The Truman Show and made Gattaca. The big concept this time is that everybody is immortal if they have sufficient currency, and that this money-time can be earned, spent, traded and so on. As a result, the poor are always living near death, and the rich will be forever young. Seyfried is a rich girl who loses a lot of time-money, Timberlake is the poor guy who falls in love with her.

The fun is in how this crazy world works, and the script is jam packed with throw away sci-fi ideas all hinging on the one conceit. At heart it's rich vs. poor stuff, but filtered through a nice prism that makes the struggle feel a little more fresh again.

The images were culled from Rope of Silicon.