Inception Might Be Getting Converted To 3D, And Wrath Of The Titans Certainly Is

Despite everything cinematographer Wally Pfister and director Chris Nolan have said about 3D, it seems that their most recent collaboration, the fanboy favourite Inception, could be getting a re-release in stereovision. This is according to Jonathan Liebesman, director of Battle: Los Angeles and the upcoming Clash sequel, Wrath of the Titans. Speaking to Collider, Liebesman was trying to explain his no-doubt controversial choice to film Wrath in 2D and then upconvert:

The clincher for me was Warner Bros. showed me how far conversion had come. They showed me Chris Nolan Inception converting for the DVD, they showed me Harry Potter being converted. So now what we're doing is, I wanna shoot film, we're gonna have what are called stereographers on set who are guys who are sitting there advising you. It's a completely different situation to Clash 1…Look, I would always prefer to shoot native, I just feel like film is the way to go with a Greek epic. Especially the way I wanna shoot it, which is more old school.

I'm sure we'll be rubbing his nose in this should Wrath look even one half as bad as Clash.

While the Inception comment obviously comes from the eyewitness testimony of a named film industry professional, I'm still not 100% sure, myself, as to how true it is. I can't help but wonder if Liebesman didn't see the 3D test footage prepared before Inception's release, back when Warner Bros. were first trying to convince Nolan into using the format?