Insidious 3 Is Official, And While There's No Director – Yet – Leigh Whannell Is Coming Back To Write Again

insidious 2

James Wan says that he's out of the horror game so the sequels to this summer's smash-hits The Conjuring and Insidious Part 2 will need a new director.

What's now official, however, is that Insidious Part 3 won't need a new writer. An official press release from Blumhouse Productions and eOne has announced that the series co-creator and co-writer Leigh Whannell has now signed on to script another instalment.

I rather liked the first Insidious, for all its faults, but was rather less impressed with part two. I'm sure that it won't be hard to get things back on track, however.

Far less certain is who might end up directing. Could Whannell be about to step up and take the megaphone himself? If he also brings back his character Specs for another go around, and I sincerely hope that he would, this would make for triple duty.

Still, there are many, many candidates for the director's chair on this one, at least in abstract, and I'm sure we couldn't come up with half of their names between us.