Is Another Short Season Of Doctor Who On The Way?

doctorAs always, Doctor Who rumors are as willy as the Doctor himself. Sometimes, they're right on the money, like the recent rumor about Jenna Coleman's departure. Other times, not so much with notions like the TARDIS getting ditched for a new craft and many cast changes over the years called incorrectly, it can be difficult to know when to worry about the show.

Considering it's braved cancellation twice, worry might be too strong a word.

At the same time, word comes for The Mirror (via that next year's season of the program will be cut short by half to allow star Peter Capaldi and the crew more of a break. According to their source, Capaldi was heard to say "If you did the series all year there'd be casualties – and one would be its quality," when the idea of making more episodes for the tenth season was brought up. If true, next year will be a six-episode season, still anchored by Capaldi and executive producer/head writer/internet whipping boy Steven Moffat.

This would not be the revived series first abbreviated run. In 2009, the show aired as four specials in lieu of a full season leading up to David Tennant's regeneration into Matt Smith. According to executive producer Russell T. Davies' book The Writer's Tale, the decision was made to accommodate the changeover to Moffat.