Is There An Extended Cut Of Prometheus Coming Less Than Two Weeks From Now?

Though the home video release of Prometheus to DVD, Blu-ray and download is just weeks away, Fox are continuing to be pretty secretive about what it will contain. Until now, however, I wasn't imagining we're on the verge getting an extended cut of the film.

But perhaps we are.

The film will be released first via download, and if you look at the pre-order pages on iTunes in the US, you can find some preview pictures for their version, showing off the menu screens. Being in the UK, I can't actually see them here – but Little Bleeder Mark can, and has tipped me of and sent me the following screen capture.

This image demonstrates the scene selection menu, and there's a runtime axis across the index.

And according to this, there's 2 hours 39 minutes and 9 seconds of material.

Is There An Extended Cut Of Prometheus Coming Less Than Two Weeks From Now?

What isn't clear is if, for some reason, all of the deleted scenes that will be included with the download will come in the main video file, perhaps sitting after the credits. That's how VHS used to do it.

Where iTunes do list a running time, they're going with 2 hours and 4 minutes, as per the theatrical release. So, it's pretty confusing.

My feeling is that, for some reason, the deleted and extended scenes are tacked onto the end of the movie in a single long thread. Perhaps this is a limitation of how an iTunes download works. Not so high tech sounding, though – is it really that restricted?

What is more sure is that the iTunes download will be available a full three weeks before the equivalent DVD and Blu-ray. Three weeks is an extreme, but Fox are making this a new policy, and many of their big releases will be coming to download two weeks before physical release.

Thanks again to Little Bleeder Mark for the tip and image.