Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Tap Out Of Interview After Sex Question Jumps The Line


One thing that's been fun about Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's press tour promoting their latest project, Passengers, is that they're both just really fun in interviews and easygoing to talk to. They generally have the vibe of some cool people you've just met at a dinner party. When you get subjects like them for an interview, it's still always the responsibility of an interviewer to know when some question might have just gone across the good taste line.

It seems that host Sophie Monk of KIIS Summer Fling, an Australian radio show, isn't really aware of the finer points of when to stop pushing. She starts it off when she asks "Your characters [in Passengers] have sex on the kitchen table. What's the most adventurous place you've had sex [in real life]?" Now first off, it already proves that Monk hasn't seen the film – they have sex on the dining table, not the kitchen table. We should probably also assume that she didn't mean with each other, but she might have been a touch more specific.

Pratt plays along, answering "airplane" without missing a beat. Monk says she'd have liked to try that as well, but never sure about the logistics. Pratt replies that he hung upside down by his feet. Laughing Monk turns back to Lawrence, to which she replies that she doesn't really have anywhere exotic, that she prefers to be safe. The hosts laugh commenting that door locks so no-one can come in. Lawrence replies with "yea, that's what really turns me on." Then co-host Matty Action cuts in on Monk asking, "You've made it so awkward, Sophie. What kind of question is that?"

Then there's a "thank you" on the recording that sounds like it might be from the interview coordinator from Pratt and Lawrence's side, and then the call ends. The audio booth tech's chime in that the call has already ended.

It goes again to say, it's one thing to have a good time with your entertainment interviews, but keep it professional. And if it does get a bit more towards the line, be really sure you're not making your subjects uncomfortable (it's not like you're grilling a city council member about their latest drunk driving arrest). One might expect that KIIS won't be getting any more studio talent interviews for a while after this.

You can listen to it in it's entirety below – it's an hour-long clip, but you can jump right to the start of their interview at 42:20, and to the start of the sex question at 47:55.

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