Jennifer Lawrence Is Apparently The "Most Powerful Actress," Says Big-Name Business Magazine

jennifer lawrenceAs well as their straight Rich List, Forbes now create several other variants. One is their new roster of The Most Powerful Actresses. These are five actresses filtered from the master list, and topped off by Jennifer Lawrence.

Why her? Well, it's a measure of "earnings and fame."

But what unit is fame measured in? How is it weighted in comparison to fame? What do you even scrape off of a famous person to put on your scale here? Fame is such a nebulous concept…

Here's the whole top five, with little snippets of "justification" from Forbes.

Jennifer Lawrence – "combination of action hero and award-winning actress"

Sandra BullockGravity was "one of the biggest hits of 2013, earning $716 million at the worldwide and seven Oscars."

Angelina Jolie – "We estimate that Jolie earned $18 million over the past 12 months."

Scarlett Johansson – "Like Lawrence, Johansson has profited by kicking butt. As Black Widow, she's the only woman superhero currently getting screen time in Disney's Marvel films."

Jennifer Aniston – "Lately she's been starring in smaller films that give her a chance to stretch her comedy muscles."

No Melissa McCarthy? She's getting star vehicles lined up in a row. Maybe body mass counts against fame points, or something…?

I guess actors will come along later, if Forbes can see a reason to do it.