Jessica Jones Showrunner On The One Place The Show Will Never Go


While the second season of Jessica Jones is slated for 2018, it's never too early to think about it. And showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is already at work on where the show will go and acknowledging the once place it never will.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Rosenberg stressed that a key to the series is the relationship between Jessica and Trish Walker. And while each may envy the other for a few reasons, Jessica will never envy Trish's lack of powers. "One of the places that we're never going is her going, 'Oh, I don't want to have powers anymore.' That's Bewitched and I'm never going there," she explained. Unlike the late 60s sitcom, in which a witch attempted to live a "normal" suburban life, Jessica will always be cognizant of how important her abilities are.

Rosenberg's comments also suggest Trish may not be heading down the Hellcat route for sometime as a special ability is the one thing the rich radio show host does not possess. "It's an interesting dichotomy of them figuring out there's an envy involved, there's support, there's compassion, there's frustration," she said.