Joe Cornish To Direct Film Of Royden Lepp's Rust

Well, how's about this then.

This time last year, two of the most memorable moments of Comic-Con for me were meeting Royden Lepp and speaking to him about his comic, Rust; and being addressed personally in a Hall H panel for Attack the Block by Joe Cornish, which led to a few days of folk taking the piss out of me.

Now, those memories have been wrapped up together as Cornish has come aboard to direct the feature film version of Rust.

According to Deadline, Fox have made the film a "priority" now that they have Cornish. I recommend the rest of us follow suit.

A previous draft of the script was written by Aline Brosh McKenna. I expect to see this rewritten.

It would be reductive to predict the next Iron Giant, so let's not – and that also has some nasty connotations of a wonderful film dying at the box office. Still, fans of The Iron Giant film will want to keep an eye on Rust as the film moves along.