Keenan Thompson Gives an Update on the Home Alone Reboot for Disney+

It's been a little while since we had heard anything regarding the upcoming Home Alone reboot film, but it looks like we could be getting a finalized film soon enough (well, maybe!)

The first film debuted in 1990, needing little introduction due to the fact that the film has become a Christmastime favorite for many, and there's also that small fact that the film made close to $500 million in the box office. The franchise spawned a few less entertaining sequels, leading to the 2019 announcement that a reboot was on the way. Noted as a Disney+ film, it began filming in early 2020 before halting production due to COVID-19 protocols.

In November 2020, it was announced that Disney had resumed production on their projects without specifics on each title, but luckily one of the film's stars offered us more on the future of the film. In a new interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Keenan Thompson was asked about the state of the movie and told the host, "It was a long shoot. It started in Canada and then got shut down and came back around because of the pandemic and stuff, so it's been very splotchy, I guess, as far as trying to get it done is concerned. But I think they're getting very close to finishing it."

Home Alone

Granted, every production within the last year and a half has been greatly shifted or altered due to production delays and safety protocols, so it seems pretty straightforward to expect a wait. While a release date obviously remains unknown as well, there's at least some reason to believe we can expect this to be a winter film, so who knows, maybe we could be getting Home Alone by the end of 2021?

The upcoming Home Alone reboot also stars Archie Yates, Rob Delaney, Ellie Kemper, Ally Maki, Chris Parnell, Aisling Bea, Pete Holmes, Timothy Simons, and Mikey Day.

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