Kermit And Chris Cooper Interviews Yield New Muppets Details

It's pretty rare that Kermit the Frog gives an interview, so it's been an uncommon joy to hear what he has to say about the currently filming Muppet movie. Well, except for when what he says is quietly undercut with melancholy:

People are used to seeing my being silly, but I'm very dramatic in this movie. The film is about the Muppets trying to get back together after having been split for many, many years. It's just a movie, of course, but I had to play this very seriously as though that had actually happened. It's easy to imagine what life would be like without all my friends around, so I sort of Method acted off of that.

The full interview is over at The LA Times, and it's an irresistible read for Muppet fans like myself. Nice to know that Kermie will get to reprise The Rainbow Connection in the movie too (so that I know to take tissues and dark glasses).

Meanwhile, the film's villain has been speaking to Brainstorm Live. Chris Cooper plays the evil Tex Richman, and (for reasons that only Muppet-movie logic can explain) gets a hip-hop number to perform:

I get to do a hip hop number. Let me tell you, I had a ball. We rehearsed it with Michael Rooney, Mickey Rooney's son, the choreographer. I have four really cute girl dancers in '60s Vegas costumes with me.

Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords wrote the music, and I cut a working track to do the scene. I get to go back in the recording studio to clean up the track. We spent hours in the studio giving this number a few Tex personal touches.

Elsehwere, Cooper describes the muppet who plays one of Richman's evil henchmen:

One of my sidekicks is a new Muppet, a little dragon with florescent green eyes.

That'll be Uncle Deadly, who you can see in our recent, exclusive set pictures. He almost got his own Tales From The Crypt-style TV show once, but it never came to fruition. It isn't hard to imagine why this might have left him bitter enough to side against the rest of the Muppets, but something tells me they'll soften his heart in the end…