Kristen Stewart And Chris Hemworth Vs. A Chuffing Big Troll

When Kristen Stewart appeared on Jay Leno's ill-gotten excuse for a chat show last week, she took a clip from Snow White and The Huntsman showing the two title characters facing down a mighty big troll monster.

The clip has now appeared online where we can all enjoy it.

This first video embed is just the clip, but the image quality is slightly compromised.

This video is slightly better quality but there's an awful lot of Jay Leno and Kristen Stewart chatting around the clip. Skip to 9.45 if you just want the troll action, and not the… er…

I've just been the straight man for some horrendous Kristen Stewart jokes, I fear.

Kristen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno by robstenlustcom

Snow White and the Huntsman looks very promising indeed.