Lea Seydoux Not Yet Signed On For Gambit; Cannot Make An Official Announcement

While 20th Century Fox is looking to secure director Doug Liman for its feature film centering on the eternally stubbly Cajun mutant Gambit, it seems the casting of the film's leading lady is not yet a done deal. Back in August, word came that Léa Seydoux of Spectre and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was in talks to play the role of Bella Dona Boudreaux.

The actress tells AlloCiné (translation via Comic Book Movie) that she has not yet signed on to be in the film and "I just can't make any official announcement, I don't have information." Based on her body language in the clip below, it doesn't seem like all bets are off, but the negotiations are not yet final.


The film has stared at the precipice since star Channing Tatum was first rumored to be taking the title role. His interesting in the project was rumored to be wavering early in the summer. He then appeared at Fox's Marvel movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con last summer before he was officially announced in the role. Then came director Rupert Wyatt's departure in September. And if negotiations are dragging on, it's reasonable for Seydoux to avoid comment as much as possible.

Whether or not she ends up in the role, Gambit will arrive in theaters on October 7th, 2016.