Live Action Halo Web Series – First Look Image From Forward Unto Dawn

Microsoft are once again trying again to get a live action adaptation of Halo up and running. This won't be a feature film, unlike the well documented "clusterf*ck" that wasted Neill Blomkamp's time a few years ago, but a serial intended for online streaming.

Variety say that Microsoft intend for this web series to make the next Halo game accessible for people who haven't played the series before. They also say that the web show is going to premiere on Machinima.

I'm getting mixed signals.

Somebody hasn't thought this through.

The series' storyline will apparently tell of a young UNSC cadet "inspired to leadership aboard the UNSC Infinity spacecraft by Master Chief."

Halo 4 is due out in November, and we can expect the five, fifteen minute instalments of Forward Unto Dawn to roll out as part its promotional barrage. Also: expect more details at Comic-Con – perhaps the name of a director, or perhaps some of the onscreen talent.

But, for now, courtesy of Microsoft, I can bring you the first promotional image for Forward Unto Dawn which, ironically, is anything but forward (and you can make your own dawn/place where the sun don't shine joke too, if you can work out its mechanics better than I could.)

Click on this to see it in its full, HQ glory.