Louis Leterrier Back To Direct Now You See Me Sequel

now you see me castThe first Now You See Me builds to a big reveal, a twist that up-ends most of what came before, hopefully making you see it in a whole new light. Being a heist movie peopled with stage magicians it was unlikely this movie was ever going to be any other way – it's what the audience wants, almost.

And so it will be with the sequel. Coming Soon have spoken to director Louis Leterrier about the second picture, and as well as confirming he'll be back, he's revealed that he's working now on putting the premise together:

I'm currently, not writing, but we're coming up with the story, the plot, the everything, the twist and the new characters and everything. It was always at least a diptych, two movies, to tell one long story, so yeah, I'm very much involved in it. I don't know if it's going to be my next movie. I know we want to do it pretty fast but I might be able to do another movie in between

Hang on… that's confusing. It was always a diptych but they're only just now coming up with the plot? That seems to be a contradiction, but I guess we'll have to wait until the film is out and Leterrier can speak more freely about exactly what they're planning to find out what he really means.

I maintain that the film should be called Now You Don't. That would at least sell the diptych concept. Maybe it can be about one of the characters going on the run or pulling strings from behind the scenes or something – that'd justify the title nicely.

Yep. That's why I'm a multi-millionaire Hollywood scriptwriter.