Lovelace Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Is Linda

The 1972 release of Deep Throat was truly a milestone in pornography and there's any number of stories that could be told about the people who made the film, the people who made it a hit, and the effect it had on the culture.

One such story, and perhaps the most salient, is that of Linda Lovelace, the star of the film and wife of its producer, Chuck Traynor. When she later divorced Traynor, Lovelace effectively outed Deep Throat as one of the most public and horrendous cases of sexual abuse, revealing that he had forced her, with violence, into performing in the film, as well as various other instances of rape.

This trailer starts to skirt with that story of abuse. As you'll see, Lovelace is being played by Amanda Seyfried and Traynor by Peter Sarsgaard, and where Deep Throat was actually the most unnerving kind of broad comedy, this is the total tonal opposite.


Well, of course James Franco is playing Hugh Hefner.

I think it's instrumental that the line "I'm not doing any more porn ever" comes in the middle of a structure implying, perhaps, that she was a willing participant in the beginning. I don't know if the film takes this stance, or really how true it would be if it did, but it's certainly against some of Lovelace's own testimony.

That trailer came from Access Hollywood who, for reasons I don't understand, have taken it down again. Was pretty easy to find on YouTube in any case, thanks to The Film Stage's rip.

Lovelace was directed by Howl's Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman and will be released in the US on August 9th.