Lynda Carter To Offer Alien Amnesty In Supergirl's Second Season

Supergirls2bannerAliens certainly got a bad rap during the first season of Supergirl. With the Department of Extra-Normal Operations formed specifically to deal with the Fort Rozz problem, it seemed there were exactly three friendly aliens on Earth. And even then, government agencies were just as likely to imprison them as allow them to help.

But with Fort Rozz squared away, it seems the US president is ready to great strange visitors with a friendlier face. Entertainment Weekly reports the president — played by former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter — will sign an Alien Amnesty Act into law. "She very much believes in this cause, which is going to put her in danger, which is going to necessitate Supergirl protecting her," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained.

The amnesty act will certainly be will certainly be a relief to superpowered cousins Kara and Clark — to say nothing of helping J'onn J'onzz step further out of the shadows — but also a way to usher in new recurring characters like the Daxamite Mon-El (Chris Wood) and Sharon Leal's Miss Martian. The latter will also J'onn, played by David Harewood, deal with the long-suppressed survivor's guilt while the former will allow Kara to finally mentor someone.

Supergirl returns October 10th on The CW.