Man Of Steel 2 On Permanent Hold?

We all know there's a certain trepidation regarding Superman as an on-going film concern. Since the aborted Superman Lives, Warner Bros. made a concerted effort to rethink the character for the sake of the perceived belief that modern audiences find the whole concept hokey. Zach Snyder's 2013 Man of Steel was the culmination of that process. The upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice continues the trend to taking a rather distrustful eye to Superman. And though the character, as portrayed by Henry Cavill, will appear in the Justice League films, no further solo outings exist on Warner Bros' current slate of films.

MillerThen, late last week, we reported that The Death of Superman Lives director Jon Schnepp went on record stating Mad Max series director George Miller would pick up the reigns of the Man of Steel sequel. Now, Den of Geek reports, according to an anonymous source, he may end up working on a DC Entertainment project — but not Man of Steel 2 as development on that project is "permanently on hold."

Or maybe he will. Citing a second anonymous source, the site also claims "what Miller directs will depend on what story most interests him, his take on it, and everyone's availability."

Which makes a sort of sense. Though Man of Steel worked well enough to jump-start Warner Bros' DC-inspired cinematic universe, it is not as fondly embraced as the earlier Dark Knight films. At the time of its release, I thought it made some good choices, but became more an punishing ordeal by the end. Perhaps the thinking is to wait on someone like Miller with a vision for the character while the current slate, and a rumored Ben Affleck-led Batman trilogy, goes into production

Provided, of course, Miller wants to be involved. After Mad Max: Fury Road, I think we all want to see Miller work at a faster pace, but it is unclear if he wants to helm a big studio superhero flick with all the compromises that entails.

Then again, maybe Superman is the hero beyond current movie-making and storytelling trends. Perhaps he'll have to wait until we all view him as a little less hokey.