Mark Hamill Talks Non-Disclosure Agreements And Payment Penalties

Mark Hamill tells Game Radar about the difficulty in living with an non-disclosure agreement when everybody wants to know about his involvement in a certain star-spanning franchises.

It turns out there is a cash penalty to breaking his NDA. "I have something coming up where there's an amount of money [set aside] that if [something] leaks because of me, I don't get that payment," he said. "If I keep it a secret until it the day it comes out, I get that payment."

Considering how easily plot details seem to make their way out of studios, a cash incentive to keep mum certainly makes a lot of sense.

"I'm good at keeping secrets," he said. He held back his knowledge of Darth Vader's identity for a year-and-a-half prior to the release of The Empire Strikes Back. Hamill kept the secret from his wife and co-star Harrison Ford. Joking about his NDA situation, he said, "I not even authorized to tell you I'm in Episode VII!"


That film Hamill may or may not be in will be released on December 18th.