'Martin Scorsese Presents The Grandmaster' Gets A Dolby Atmos Mix And A Mondo Poster

The Grandmaster Mondo PosterI understand the logic behind throwing a famous director's name in front of a film title in an attempt to sell it to a wider audience but it really does makes me wince every time I see it.

Back when Wong Kar-wai's masterpiece Chungking Express was released on DVD in America the box was labeled "Quentin Tarantino's Rolling Thunder Presents A Film By Wong Kar-wai Chungking Express". The part that said "A Film By Wong Kar-wai" was in the smallest text out of anything on the cover.

It's a cheap marketing ploy that presumably works to some degree, but it also seems somewhat disrespectful and often the choice of endorsement is horribly mis-matched.

The Weinstein Company are currently gearing up for the American release of Wong Kar-wai's latest film, The Grandmaster, and according to Deadline they've decided to opt for Martin Scorsese Presents The Grandmaster. As the film is not Wong Kar-wai's original cut, not the version that opened in China many months ago and is already available on DVD and Blu-ray*, a more fitting title would perhaps be Martin Scorsese Presents A Dumbed Down Version Of The Grandmaster For American Audiences.

Not exactly likely I know but a bit of honesty in the marketing wouldn't go amiss.

Wong Kar-wai is reportedly in favour of the new cut and of Scorsese's endorsement but I can't help but wonder if it's more a matter of him being convinced about the value of those two things rather than him wanting them for his film.

The Grandmaster will be released in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto on August the 23rd before going wide on August the 30th.  THR are reporting that U.S. version of film has been mixed for Dolby Atmos, with the report going on to say that it was mixed by "Kantana Sound Studio in Bangkok, Thailand, the first mixing studio equipped with Dolby Atmos in Southeast Asia". Not that many cinemas are equipped for Dolby Atmos yet but those that are will get the film with that mix.

I've only seen a couple of films mixed and presented in Dolby Atmos but they were unfortunately in a cinema that is a less than ideal space. On paper it's certainly an impressive set-up though and I look forward to hearing it used under better circumstances.

Maybe when The Grandmaster finally makes it to the UK they will play the Atmos version here too. Although I do wish it was the original cut that we were getting.

The poster at the head of this post was designed by Vania Zouravliov, will be released by Mondo and came to us via Yahoo.

*I already have this Blu-ray and the film is wonderful. I strongly urge you to consider importing it if you are interested in seeing the film. The disc is multi-region, so even if you are locked to a particular region you won't have an issue with playing the disc.

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