Marvel Maguffins Headed to Auction at C2E2 – Iron Man's Armour, Thor's Hammer, Cap's Shield

The auctioneers of Profiles in History will be heading down to Chicago in April to handle the sale of several super-powered artefacts* in an auction of Marvel movie props.

I imagine the most sought-after item might be the Captain America costume and shield:

It is a three-piece custom suit made of ballistic nylon with rubberized backing… comes paired with the appropriate form-fitted, leather mask-helmet stenciled with the letter 'A' on the front and abstract wings on both sides. The costume exhibits discrete battle distress, and is accompanied by an iconic round Vibranium shield. This hero suit is the culmination of all other evolving versions seen on screen and is the hero suit seen in all scenes from the 'invasion montage' onward.

I wonder what they've actually used for Vibranium? A light fibre resin, I'd guess, maybe not even strong enough to resist Mjolnir with its:

…foam rubber head realistically painted to resemble ancient forged metal, entwined Nordic design and Runes, and stout handle wrapped in brown leather with lanyard.

At just $3000-$5000 predicted, that seems like a steal. I hope Timmy Mallet saved his money because, really, I can't think of anybody else I'd rather see own this one. Just check out this clip and thenimagine it with Mjolnir instead.


And just think – that's the show that gave Mike Myers his TV break. Brilliant.

Also for sale in the big Marvel auction is an Iron Man Mark II suit, but not the kind you can get inside. This is an "autopsy" model, used for the scenes in which James Rhodes is working up his War Machine kit.

Constructed by the visionary artists of Legacy Studios, this 75 in. tall figure is handcrafted of vacuum metalized fiberglass resin. It features intricate wire loom, metal hoses and cables, and discrete electronics detailing as well as faux actuators, pistons, and other suspension devices in the exposed joints and limbs. The figure was designed to lie down for the autopsy scene and has a number of armor plates removed to expose the suit's inner circuitry. The removed sections include two leg greaves, right hip plate, right bicep plate, right shoulder plate, head plate, and most notably a removable main breastplate that reveals the inner cavity and bracing elements. An impressive and iconic figure from this groundbreaking film."

The predicted price there runs as high as $80,000. If any lot is going to fail to meet its estimate, I reckon it's probably that one. Just imagine the space you'll need to display it, for one thing.

If I were to buy one thing in this auction, I think it would be this:

Loud Jerk in movie theater costume. Worn by the Loud Jerk who beats up 'Skinny' Steve Rogers in the alleyway. This costume is made up of dark wool jacket, mustard-colored short sleeve shirt, Polyester pants, brown leather boots and tweed cap.

At least they respect Mr. Loud Jerk enough to capitalise his name every time.

The predicted price there is up to $300. I'm actually tempted.

You can download the full catalogue as a PDF. Anything in particular take your fancy? A pair of prosthetic feet? Steve Rogers' nuts? Some Hydra kit for naughty cosplay? Come on, you can tell us.

*It all depends what you mean by super powered.