Marvel Shake-up! Kevin Feige Sidesteps Marvel CEO

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will now report directly to Disney studio head Alan Horn, sidestepping Marvel Entertainment CEO Issac Perlmutter after what their source called "several years of frustration." Perlmutter, who purchased Marvel at what was essentially a fire sale in the mid 1990s, is notorious for both micromanaging his employees and pinching every last penny; questioning the need for office supplies and demanding the Marvel office feature one unisex bathroom. Ever controlling, even the file photo used here — the last he allowed to be taken — is thirty years out of date.

Perlmutter was also the author of the infamous email found in the Sony leak referring to female-led superhero movies as "disasters," though the email itself focuses on poorly made and poorly received films like Elektra and Supergirl. It is entirely possible he was talking about the sad history of those movies.

THR's source also claims Feige vented his frustrations with Perlmutter during a meeting with Horn and Disney CEO Bob Iger earlier this summer, eventually leading to the restructuring of Marvel's businesses. The new paradigm went into effect last week, according to those same sources.

In a statement, a Disney spokesperson said, "Marvel Studios is taking the next logical step in its integration with The Walt Disney Studios, joining Pixar and Lucasfilm in centralizing many of its film-related functions in Burbank."

When Marvel first joined the Disney empire, some wondered if Perlmutter's management style would spill over into the other kingdoms as he became a large shareholder and a prominent voice on the board, but it is seemingly clear which elements within Marvel the central Disney leadership will back. While the new organizational structure further integrates Marvel Studios and Disney, Perlmutter will continue to manage Marvel's publishing, television, animation and other operations — no doubt demanding fewer staples be circulated.