Marvel's Runaways Reborn As Hulu Series


After a number of starts, stops and an unofficial slot in the Marvel Cinematic calendar, Runaways will become a television series on Hulu.

Deadline reports the comic book created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona will be adapted by Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Like the comic, it will revolve around a group of teenager overcoming their teen angst to confront their evil parents and their shadowy cabal. Schwartz and Savage will run the show and executive produce along side Marvel Television's Jeph Loeb.

The streaming service has already committed to a series order.

In the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Runaways was ear-marked as a potential film with Vaughn reportedly writing a draft in 2008. Peter Sollet was said to be directing and by 2010, the script was in the hands of No Heroics creator Drew Pearce.

Following the success of The Avengers, Runaways lost its slot on Marvel's development slate. Pearce went on to write Iron Man 3.

While fans of the series championed a film, many felt it was better suited to television and that thought is finally becoming a reality.