Metal Men Film In The Works From Men In Black's Barry Sonnenfeld

As well as his movie Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, Barry Sonnenfeld has teased that he's working on an unexpected comic book-to-film adaptation.  Well, start expecting, as Vulture have outed the comic in question.

They say that Sonnenfeld's hitherto mysterious film is to provide the first big-screen starring roles for The Metal Men.

I'm not an expert on the book, but I'm familiar with its look, and the very bold and striking colour scheme of the panels I've seen actually seem to be right up Sonnenfeld's street. Just watch his pilot of Pushing Daisies for the perfect example.

Our concept of robotics has changed radically in the last fifty years, even in the arena of science fantasy, but I think it would be very interesting to see some Metal Men stories based on the original comic book's notion: each of the men (or the woman) is made of a different metal, and each has different powers and personality type, typically related to this metal.

The Avengers it ain't, but it could be a heck of a lot of fun and that's nothing to be shy of.