Michel Gondry Says He Has Abandoned Plans To Adapt Philip K. Dick's Ubik

ubik During promotions on his new animated documentary Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?, Michel Gondry was asked about his long in-development adaptation of Ubik. Philip K. Dick's original, incredibly dense novel is about time shifts, telepathy and other intricately interwoven sci-fi conceits, and it's easy to imagine that Gondry could make a beautiful film of it.

But he's decided to give up. Our friends at Film Divider spotted a story in the French press and while the Google translate isn't brilliantly readable, I can just tell you the gyst.

In short, Gondry loves the book but having worked on a screenplay version with a number of collaborators, considers it too literary. It won't work on screen, he doesn't think. A shame because this was a dream of his but, hey, you don't always get your way in life.

Or… similar.

I'm really disappointed. Things don't seem to be going so swimmingly for Gondry of late. Hopefully we'll be hearing some better news soon.