Monster Hunter 4 Has Already Shipped 3 Million Copies On 3DS


This is some somewhat insane news.

I knew Monster Hunter had a huge brand presence in Japan and a decent following in the West, but these recent numbers from Capcom are off the charts.

A press release from Capcom (via NintendoLife) has shown that 3 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS have already been shipped worldwide. Granted that is shipped, not sold, but those numbers are rarely too far from each other. If the majority of the shipped titles equal sold, this game is huge, especially for a handheld game.

For reference, Square Enix announced disappointment at Tomb Raider selling 3.4 million copies worldwide in 2013. That is lifetime sales up to that March that year. 3 million is a huge number. The game has been out in Japan since October and came out this weekend in the west.

It seems that the series is primed to crack the Western market with this release and I'll be genuinely interested to see what percentage of people I know are currently playing the game.

Let me know if you've been monster hunting, and not the Evolve kind, recently. I'd love to look at the numbers.

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