More On Alex De La Iglesia's New Film With Salma Hayek

I first told you about it on New Year's Eve, when it was going to be called Spark of Life; now it's being called As Luck Would Have It and has turned up in Variety.

Here's the plot premise that they have for the film:

A once whiz-kid publicist now out of work for three years. His luck finally appears to take a turn for the better when he accidentally takes a fall and impales his head on a small metal bar in a Roman Amphitheater.

Conscious but unable to be moved, surrounded by TV crews, a publicity-craving mayor and an impromptu agent, he sees a chance to monetize his fate through an exclusive primetime death's door interview, saving his family, led by his loving wife (Hayek), from financial ruin.

Okay, that's interesting. The central metaphor in the film is made pretty obvious there. What do you make of it?

I was wondering, in my last post on the film, if Randy Feldman's screenplay would be in Spanish or English. It transpires that the film will be in Spanish, adapted from an original script that Feldman still wishes to see made into an English-language film. The film's producer Andres Vicente Gome jokes "As far as I know, this is the world's first example of a 'pre-make".

Fingers crossed that staying in his native Spain will help De La Iglesia forget whatever de-railed The Oxford Murders.

More details on the film in my prior post.