More On Ben Kingsley's Iron Man 3 Villain

There's often a bit of pushme and pullyou between the trades on a breaking story, oftentimes because agents and studios are using the outlets as a public arena for negotiations (see: the ongoing Gary Ross/Hunger Gamers story).

Other times it seems to be because they have conflicting info, or are reading vague info in slightly different ways.

Perhaps that's what's going on here, with the Ben Kingsley in Iron man 3 news.

I published the "basics" earlier, but here's what The Hollywood Reporter have to add, in two simple bite sized pieces:

That Kingsley won't be the "main villain"

And that his character might be The Mandarin, just a version that's be reconfigured somewhat to fit the storyline.

Confusing? Not really, but who cares anyway. it's just more fun things to talk about, and the truth will out, in due course.