Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel In The Works


Get ready for more family friendly cross-dressing fun as THR reports a sequel to 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire is at last on its way. Robin Williams is attached to reprise his role, and Chris Columbus is attached to return to the director's chair.

The trade further details that a sequel has been in the works since 2001 – and for good reason, as the original film raked in nearly $500 million worldwide – but there's no indication of why interest has spiked again. One reason could be the addition of writer David Berenbaum, who did Elf and who started working on the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel earlier this year.

I'm guessing the plot now will have Williams' Daniel Hillard putting on the old persona in order to spend time with his grandkids. Though how would his own kids not recognize their old dad/nanny, huh Mr. Berenbaum? Answer me that. Don't think you can get out of it just because I made it up.

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