Much Longer US Trailer For Last Days On Mars

We've only just had the 60-odd seconds of British teaser for Ruairi Robinson's Last Days On Mars but here's the fuller US version. It's over twice as long, and actually rather more successful I think. I certainly enjoyed seeing a lot more of the cast and the production design, and while there's a lot more plot being ladled out – of course – none of it seems particularly spoilery.


All too many films in the sci-fi horror genre degenerate into simple games of hide and seek towards the climax, and that stuff can be very hard to pull off. Here's hoping the filmmakers here either swerved to avoid that hurdle or just leapt effortlessly over it.

Last Days will get a VOD premiere in the US on October 31st then play in some cinemas in December. The UK cinema release is "this year."