New Promo Art For Zero Theorem Recalls Terry Gilliam's Brazil

Voltage Pictures are having some success at the AFM, having sold French, German and Italian rights to Terry Gilliam's in-production sci-fi picture, The Zero Theorem. Bigger territories are likely to require longer negotiations but will follow in due course.

There won't have been much footage on display for the distributors, seeing as the film has only been shooting for a week or two, but there's Pat Rushin's script, the knockout cast – Christoph Waltz, Tilda Swinton, Matt Damon, Ben Whishaw – and some promotional artwork, all of which are pretty eye catching.

The above image is a newly redesigned logotype for the picture. Gilliam fans will find it just a little familiar.

The grid design was used in several posters for Brazil, typically marking out the drawers of a vast wall of filing cabinets; the clouds echo the first, several central and last shot of Brazil – and in the last, they're set against the grid inside of the Minstry's torture room; and the eye is reminiscent of both the remote control peeping robot in one key sequence, as well as the numerous eyes in the film's most famous, deleted fantasy sequence.

Actually, these images recur more than this throughout Brazil but that will do for a start.

Expect to see The Zero Theorem at festivals and hopefully on general release next year.