New Satellite Show Episode 30 — Thomas Kinkade, Star Wars, Tiny House Hunters

The Satellite Show is a monthly "pop culture clambake" curated by Erik Amaya. A rotating Panel of Experts — usually anchored by writer Justin Robinson and Zombie Ranch creators Clint and Dawn Wolf — take on topics like DC Comics' latest travails, upcoming films, Denmark, and other tales of misery and woe. But if topics occur too often, they end up on "The Judy List," forbidden from being mentioned again. Note: some profanity may occur.

The Panel of Experts reconvenes for a Danish Xmas featuring Adam Driver, the guy who bought the Remington Electric Shaver company and Charo. Louis returns to goad Erik into a discussion of Tiny House Hunters. An attempt to talk about Danish anarchists ends up focusing on Holland's Zwarte Piet tradition. It's as uncomfortable as it sounds. The Yulemala movie this year is Thomas Kinkade's The Christmas Cottage, but Clint, Dawn and Rob want to sound off about Star Wars. Did you hear there's a new Star Wars?