New Trailer For Drew Struzan Documentary, The Man Behind The Poster

Drew Struzan is one of the most famous and beloved of movie poster artists and an exemplar of the painted style that seems to have been quite thoroughly quelled in studio marketing campaigns of recent years.

Frank Darabont created a nice tribute to Struzan in The Mist, featuring some of his original artwork in the movie: Struzan painted the Dark Tower-styled image that Tom Jane is shown to be working up. Now, Darabont pays tribute again in the new documentary, Drew: The Man behind the Poster.

And so does George Lucas, the popular image of whose Star Wars films most definitely benefited from Struzan's work. Some of the Star Wars posters are as memorable, and more immediately striking, than the film they're promoting.

That happened a lot. There are some comments on The Masters of the Universe poster in this trailer that cut to the quick.

As for Struzan's next works, he's apparently been speaking with Mondo, the collectable poster people, about some paintings. Struzan says:

I am planning with Mondo to produce some art, not commissions but work I have chosen to create of my own initiative and will be, may be, pleased to allow Mondo to show.

I'm never going to be a poster collector, not in a million years, but I do wish the things littering the hallways of the cinemas I visit were all nicely crafted, evocative and full of spirit. Struzan did that, brilliantly, and probably sold hundreds of thousands of cinema tickets, over the years. If there was a room of his stuff in a gallery I was visiting, I'd certainly take my time soaking it all up.

And I can't wait to see the documentary.