New Unfunny Trailer For Freidberg/Seltzer Film, The Starving Games

Parody in comedies has gotten a bad name of late, with a seemingly never ending mud slide of mediocrity pouring out of Hollywood with no sign or an Airplane or a Naked Gun to save us.

Based on this new trailer, the latest film from Jason Freidberg and Aaron Seltzer, The Starving Games, appears to continue this trend of unimaginative and unfunny parody films.

It seems like such as shame, especially as in the first few seconds of this trailer Freidberg and Seltzer do a pretty decent job of replicating the look of The Hunger Games.


Maybe it's just a bad trailer and the film will be a pleasant surprise. I really do hope so.

The Starving Games is out in America on the 8th of November.