New Zealand TV Reports From The Set Of The Hobbit

Well, it's the set of The Hobbit right now, but if Warner Bros. go ahead with plans to move the production overseas, it won't be the set of The Hobbit for long. Which set? Gollum's cave. Crikey.

Here's a decently meaty and in-depth discussion with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens, batting back some simple but pot-stirring questions with solid and thoughtful answers.

Thanks to The One Ring for the link. They also provided another, which I can't embed, so go off and see it at 3 News. That one doesn't take place in Gollum's cave, but a Hobbit hole instead. Rather off puttingly it features a text-in vote for New Zealand viewers, "Who do you think is responsible for the Hobbit fiasco?", alongside the interview.

Let's forget about the cheap frisson of excitement that comes from the sets (if indeed you feel one). It's good to see Jackson and Boyens taking the questions and giving fair answers. I'm on their side. When I heard Jackson say "I'm trying to save my film" my heart almost broke.