Nick Frost On Cockney Lump, His Graphic Novel And More Films With Simon Pegg

If you're lucky enough to be in the UK right now you'll be able to catch up with Nick Frost in the extraordinary Attack the Block. His is not one of the central roles, though he's got some great scenes and he's probably the biggest name on the poster. As such, he's been very busy doing promotions for the film.

Bleeding Cool were very grateful that he took the time to speak to us too.

As well as having a good old natter about Attack the Block, we did also ask Mr. Frost, just briefly about the status of Cockney Lump, a film about a British Wrestler that he's been writing and will star in. He told us:

It's in development as we speak. Because of all the Paul press and stuff, I put it away but now, I worked on it a couple of weeks ago for two weeks. It's shaping up. I'd really forgotten how much I enjoyed it until I picked it up and read it again and really enjoyed reading it. It filled me again with a burn to get up and start doing it. That's still for next year.

But that's not all he's preparing. He counted off three more projects that we can look forward to:

I'm writing a graphic novel. Me and Simon have got together and have another idea for something that we're starting to take meetings on. And me, Edgar and Simon are all…

And that's where Mr. Frost turned on a sixpence and started professing his respect for Nira Park and Big Talk Productions (understandably, of course, as they've been the facilitators of much of his best work). The conversation never came back around to whatever Frost was going to tell us about reteaming with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, so the mystery may well forever be maintained.

Frost will be appearing at Forbidden Planet in London this afternoon, Thursday May 12, with Attack the Block's leading man John Boyega, and writer-director Joe Cornish, where they'll be chatting and signing posters. If you're going, why not see what you can find out about this graphic novel?

"Hi, Nick, I read on Bleeding Cool that you're working on a graphic novel. What can you tell me about that?"

I reckon if we get enough people repeating that, like a mantra, it might work like a magic spell.